Corporate videographer, editor, web developer

I assist businesses large and small by creating engaging, informative and cost effective videos.
From retail, healthcare, finance, sales, safety, HR, law enforcement, to education and government.
Video provides an engaging, relatable, and easily accessible solution to the many challenges facing businesses.
Equipment training
Brand promotion
Initiative awareness
Business culture
Customer engagement
Complex procedures
Knowledge sharing
Employee recognition
Remote training
In house promotions
Business concepts
Product awareness
Internal messaging
Policy compliance
Health and Safety
Management training


I'm a Melbourne based videographer and editor specialising in providing video based solutions for business projects since 2017. I've been fortunate to be involved in  producing and shooting promotional and training videos for some of Australia's most well-known organisations.
National Australia Bank
Dept of Education
Melbourne University
Dept of Health
Aust Catholic University
Aust Assoc Social Workers
Smart Recovery
Slater & Gordon
Commonwealth Bank
Liberate Learning
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For my 2023 portfolio please get in touch!

Many project works and examples are limited publically.



March 2024
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Flying upto NSW for one week and another week in QLD for a major supermarket to film their new distribution centres and detail the equipment procedures along with some interviews and Welcome to Country grabs. Amazing high tech facilites, some still under constrution. More trips planned throughout 2024. Footage is for a larger elearning project.
It all starts here ... about to head in for a busy day's shoot. All my lights, cameras and production gear for interstate travel all on one handy cart. Very airport friendly!


March 2024
This would be my 5th trip to ACU for work. Interviews and b-roll, cut with music. We had around 10 students shot over two days. Some locations were bland others popped. I'm fussy about backgrounds, but sometimes there is no choice than the local tea room.

One of the rare projects with public delivery.
Student 1 Student 2 (tearoom) More students
I shot the first three rows


March 2024
My other day job. A new website for a major university to assist military veterens tranistion from defence to pubilc universities.

Built in Angular and React. Just passing the prototype stage with graphics preparing to dump all assets so I can dive into full development.


Feb 2024
I love these role play videos! I had done a ton for NAB and Suncorp years ago. Using paid actors and shot over three days these dramatised counselling sessions covered various techniques of the process to teach other counsellors. This was my second batch with another round planned for April 2024.


Feb 2024
Two days at another major university filming best practices for delivering exercise classes over zoom for cancer patients. Tricky lighting and syncing Zoom captures. Another footage handover for an elearning project.

Must admit corporate training videos seem to be the most varied topics imagineable. It's taken me to some unexpected locations and a wide variety of people and their stories.


Feb 2024
Production doesn't get any simpler than this. Half day at a well know law firm for an in house CEO presentation to staff. Lights, mics and a few takes and we are done!



It's an oldie but was such a great project to work with Liberate and ACU to blend video, web and 360s. One of the very few that can be shown pubically.

Just as covid hit ACU needed a 360 virtual tour to entice international students to Melbourne. The streets were bare, good for 360s but made video tricky. Interviews and 360 photography. I was also the lead web developer for the site.
ACU Virtual Tour
I could show hours of examples and showreels but 90% of my work is restricted from public viewing. Just get in touch if you wish to see examples of my work.



The most common production for many businesses. Gain valuable insights from experts in the field, customers and staff as they share their expertise, experiences, and advice directly with your audience. Complemented by engaging b-roll footage and often music, these videos provide context, enriching the experience and bringing concepts to life.


Popular for training these videos recreate realistic situations with staff or paid actors, learners can apply knowledge in a safe, interactive environment. Video scenarios and role-plays simulate real-world challenges, fostering critical thinking, decision-making, and skill mastery. By elevating your eLearning with dynamic storytelling that empowers learners to explore, practice, and excel in their learning journey.


Through a perfect fusion of vibrant graphics and clear, concise narration, explainers transform complex concepts into engaging learning journeys. Ignite curiosity, enhance comprehension, and foster knowledge retention with immersive informative content.


Showcase your company's culture, values, and offerings through immersive visuals and compelling narratives. From highlighting business success stories to showcasing product launches, Business profiles and promotions can be used in-house or on social media.
Do you need video plus a comprehensive elearning solution for your business?
I can suggest an award winning elearning vendor I have worked directly with for many years ...
$900 - $1500
Pricing depends on equipment required.
Half day rates are available
Addtional costs may include travel, parking, fees etc
Prices are exGST
$80 p/h
Pre-production, planning and logistics
Editing, reviews, archiving and delivery
Editing is booked in 6hr blocks


360 / VR

Working with Liberate Learning I developed custom 360 websites and undertook 360 photography for virtual tours combining immersive environments and interactive learning many years ago. Clients such as Coles, Suncorp, NAB and ACU all embraced this technology.

Currently, I'm prototyping full 3D scanning via Lidar and photogrammetry for the ultimate recreation of client environments in VR and web-based learning.


I use Adobe Premier Pro but lean towards Davinci Resolve for my editing. The entire Adobe suite is often used for audio, art and motion graphics via After Effects.

I'm often the editor of my projects but with many projects I handover footage to external editors. I curate and assemble footage into a Premier Pro project, including script notes and suggestions and example grades.


With over 20 years as a professional web developer, I've been busy with various tools such as Angular, AngularJS, React, Python, PHP, Lumen, Laravel, Node and mobile apps.

I focus on custom websites, portals and webapps typically for eLearning and corporate clients. These days I mainly use Angular with sprinkles of React here and there, along with some Python for AI research.


For those that need to know the gear and if my kit works for you ...
SONY FX6 | SONY FX3 | FS5 | SONY A74, INSTA 360 PRO, 24-70 Zeiss/Sigma, Sony 70-200 etc, Aperture/Amaran Lighting (120d, 200x, 60x x2, Tube and small panels), Rode Wireless GOII, and Sennheiser & Rode shotguns, DJI Gimbal, Client monitor, Teleprompter.
Solo Operator (no crew): Ready to fly with all cameras, lights and audio. No interstate hire required!